Entrepreneurship Is an Act of Undertaking Innovation

Entrepreneurship is an act of undertaking innovation, finance and business acumen for transforming innovation into economic goods. It may result in new organization or in revitalization of matured organization. In scale it ranges from solo projects to wide range of undertakings creating job opportunities. It includes creative destruction in which inferior innovations are replaced by modern high capable innovations. It also includes a factor of true uncertainty related to acceptance of innovative ideas in market. Entrepreneurship is considered as a source of accelerating economic growth of country. It formulates capital and creates wealth that leads to reduction in unemployment and elimination of poverty also. It is a process of planning and organizing opportunities. Entrepreneur finds opportunities and arranges resources to exploit them for earning living and adding into the productivity of country, ultimately.
To enhance growth of the country government should make the policy of establishing a culture of entrepreneurial thinking into the country. It can be done by integrating entrepreneurship with education, legislating for encouragement to take risk and national campaigns. For example: €United kingdom's enterprise week€. It is measured a high-risk investment, but one that can secure major rewards if the company becomes a growth enterprise. This type of funding is frequently got in exchange for an equity stake in the enterprise, although with less prescribed contractual upstairs than typical equity financing. Often, capital suppliers will need to wait until a business is a little more reputable before making the larger investments that characterize the early stage financing of venture capital funding. Banks and venture capital investors view seed capital as an "at risk" deal by the mediators of a new venture, which represents a sensitive and real obligation on their part to making the business a success.
Education have no doubt given them immense confidence & encouragement to serve & discover new business avenues. However the ground realities do differ to a great extent as far as geographical boundaries are concerned. Globally women are considered as weaker gender physically and emotionally, therefore prospects open for them to develop into business professionals is an area still quite unexplored and needs attention. Wennekers, (1999). Overcoming the challenges of business world are no doubt more treacherous for women than their male counterparts, therefore they undergo various impediments to achieve their business success. Allen and Truman, (1993). Fortunately due to technological advancement & means of communication the world has turned into a global community which has created new channels & opened up avenues for women to explore not only their potential aptitudes rather search for better business opportunities. Carter, (2001).
At the heart of any successful business is a great idea. Some seem so simple we wonder why nobody thought of them before. Others are so revolutionary we wonder how anybody could've thought of them at all.
But those great ideas don't come on command. And that leaves lots of would-be entrepreneurs asking the same question: How did everybody else get inspiration to strike€"and how can we work the same magic?
Ideas for startups often begin with a problem that needs to be solved. And they don't usually come while you're sitting around sipping coffee and contemplating life. They tend to reveal themselves while you're hard at work on something else.